Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Date March 9, 645 After Tranquillity. (2614 christian era) The Solar System

Tomorrow the last colonists will enter vitrification. I will be going with them, if health permits, but it will be six months before they store me. By that time we will be at cruising speed and in the cold between the stars.
So many have fallen to the fever that we could barely find enough healthy specimens for storage as statics on the Ship.

Another twenty hours free of symptoms and free of antibodies in my blood and I will be one of that crew.
I can hardly express my sadness at parting from my sister, Elaine; but she cannot go to the stars carrying the swarmfever.
We need reasonably perfect specimens if we are to start anew; the cynical ones amongst us say that we will be trading the most perfect statics with the colonies already out there.

If that is the way it will be then it is better than staying here, in this dying, diseased system staring at the forbidden Earth.

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